Breaking The Commandments Of God (WIP)


Breaking The Commandments Of God
Acrylic Study
Stretched Canvas 16 x 20 inch (40 x 50 cm)

This new work in progress uses a very limited color palette of Cerulean Blue, Raw Sienna, Burnt Umber, Yellow Ocher and Titanium White. The blocked in colors were then dirtied and knocked back in tone with a wash of a semi “black” mixture made from¬† the other pigments. This gave all the colors a filthy old religious painting sort of look, which is what I am going for with this piece.

This photo also gives you an idea how I like to “discover” an image on a canvas with the undercoat and wash layers. If I am not specifically setting out to create something specific then I like to generate a sort of abstract expressionist sort of base made of semi transparent layers and colors where brush marks and depth are visible. After studying the result for a period of time a picture begins to emerge in my mind from the play of shapes and tones on the canvas. It’s a little like finding shapes in the clouds. Sometimes you need to spin the canvas a few times to find a picture which presents itself strongly enough that it says “paint me”

This visualization of an image from chaos is not limited to painting but also a flat graphite stick used abstractly in small boxes of various shapes and sizes drawn on sketch paper can also give you countless jumping off points. Don’t forget to look at them from different angles. Each time you turn the page you should be able to envision all new pictures in each thumbnail box.


About Josh Cook

I am a freelance illustrator, designer and occasional sculptor. You can find my current body of work on these pages.
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